Shipping costs and taxes

Thanks for buying air compressors, spare parts and/or wood working tools with Air Compressors Trade (Chengdu Pudding Mechatronic Co., CPMC). Shipment is to be charged for any purchase abroad – we are available to offer shipping costs; it will be possible for us to offer shipping costs only after the official order, with the accurate evaluation of the weights and dimension of the shipment; shipment rates may vary up or down depending on your geographic location (destination port), the method of delivery and the different shippers in different season; In any case customers will always receive our lowest actual rate.

Shipping costs and taxes depend on many variables and have to be calculated by your purchase consultants. Please proceed to the “Checkout” page and fill in the required fields: we will contact you as soon as possible to give you any information about these costs and instructions on how to complete the order.

Remember: no order will be considered effective unless it is paid (only paid orders will be shipped), so feel free to purchase as many as you need and get to know the actual shipping costs and taxes.

If you need more information please contact us.

Shipment price

Price for shipments will be communicated depending on the ways of delivery, weight and dimensions.

CPMC Shipment method

Shipments will be made via courier FEDEX, TNT, DHL, UPS and so on.

Shipments paid by the customer are made by the courier specified in the order.

Delivery by courier are to be considered 24-48 hours.

For every order the customer must specify at least one telephone  and/or mobile number to enable the carrier to contact in case of difficulty in delivery.

Delivery time

Orders are shipped with the times specified in the order confirmation. Most orders are processed within 10 working days from receipt of payment or confirmation of your payment on delivery.

Track your shipment

Once processed the order, after your payment or your confirmation on delivery, CPMC will provide you the document courier, the reference number of your parcel (tracking number or customer ID neck). They will be sent directly by courier and will be specified account within your order. With this number you can check your ship with relative timing, the site of the courier used, starting from the following day. For any problem you can directly contact the carrier, without intermediaries: depending on your area you will find the site of TNT, DHL or Bartolini phone number to contact.


Packaging is included in the price for all orders.

The AirCompressorsTrade (Chengdu Pudding Mechatronic Co., CPMC) customer care remains at your disposal to assist you throughout the delivery stage and answer all your needs or doubts.