Welcome to purchase SUTO Pressure Sensors with China local agent! In a compressed air system, It is extremely important to keep the pressure at a constant and reliable level. Monitoring and measuring the compressed air pressure is needed to save energy, identify degrading at an early stage and keep production machinery running. SUTO pressure sensors just meet and fit your needs. With various communication protocols, like analog 4… 20 mA or Modbus/RTU outputs, the SUTO pressure sensors are made to seamless integrate into your compressed air monitoring system.

SUTO Pressure Sensors China Local Prices 2022

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SUTO Pressure Sensor by Reliable China Dealer

If you are looking for Genuine Original SUTO Pressure Sensor model for compressed air systems or whether you many need other SUTO ITEC products such has dew point measurement, energy management, leakage location and monitoring of your compressed air quality, or the other brand like Michelle Dew Point Sensors etc,  Chengdu Pudding Mechatronic Co.CPMC is dedicated to supplying Genuine SUTO measurement parts. Using genuine parts and the right lubricant definitely increases your machine availability and maximum uptime and improve the sustainable productivity.

SUTO Genuine Pressure Sensor  by Reliable China Local Dealer

  • Brand:SUTO Itec
  • Model Number: SUTO Pressure Sensor
  • Type: Genuine
  • Price:Negotiable
  • Power supply: 24 VDC (12 ... 32 VDC)
  • Housing material: stainless steel
  • Process connection: G 1/4’’ A (ISO 228/1)
  • Electrical connection: M12 connector, 4 pins
Note: Images and the price are only for the reference. The product models received are strictly in accordance with the orders you specified. For the SUTO Pressure Sensor  stock status, local distribution price in China, and the leading time, shipping time, etc, just feel free to contact Chengdu Pudding Mechatronic Co.CPMC for a better price, our team will check out and reconfirm to you in 0.5-23.5 hours.

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