1616 7146 83 – 1616 7146 93 Second Hand Atlas Copco Air End

Original price was: $4,500.0.Current price is: $1,650.0.

If you are looking for 1616 7146 83 – 1616 7146 93 (service stage: O.I.S C146) Air End from China local Atlas Copco Air Compressor dealer, you are lucky to work with Chengdu Pudding Mechatronic Co.CPMC. This Air End C146 for Atlas is applicable to model GA55+, GA75+, GA90. (Note: Brand new one takes around 1-2 weeks for leading delivery, prices around 7500 USD, negotiable), while the second hand Airends special price is based on: First come-First Served! Please reconfirm the part numbers or air compressor name plate so that we are able to quote you the prices precisely.

Atlas Copco Air End 1616-7146-83 = “1616714693”

Learn more of the Atlas Copco Screw Air Compressors Air End Parts Numbers below for your reference: 1616710390 SERV.STAGE GX2-5C OIS D-11(C40
1616753592 SERVICE ELEMENT C55 F09
1616774590 SERVICE AIREND C67 H10
1616757591 SERVICE AIR-END OIS J-50
1616728190 O.I.S. K-36
1616714693 SERVICE STAGE O.I.S.C146
1616734592 ELEMENT COMPR.
1616884190 OIS O-06
1616754090 STAGE

1616 5789 82, 1616 6466 80,1616 6575 80, 1616 7103 80, 1616 7146 83, 1616 7146 93, 1616 7281 70, 1616 7281 80, 1616 7281 90, 1616 7345 80, 1616 7408 81, 1616 7535 80, 1616 7540 80, 1625 1641 00, 1625 1641 01, 1625 1641 02, 1625 1641 55, 1625 1641 56, 1625 1641 57

We can provide you the offers based on the “IncoTerms” of EXW , FCA, or FOB, CIF, CFR, DDU or DDP. For all Atlas Copco Airends, our company provides both “BRAND NEW GENUINE ORIGINAL” and “Used second hand great condition Airend”. Please inform us your destination port if you do not have shipper in China. Great prices will be followed up soon, early purchase means easier production or earlier delivery (if stock available).

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    Here are few more related screw element for Atlas Copco compressor. If you want to learn more details, just feel free to contact with soon. 

    1616710390 SERV.STAGE GX2-5C OIS D-11(C40
    1616753592 SERVICE ELEMENT C55 F09
    1616774590 SERVICE AIREND C67 H10
    1616757591 SERVICE AIR-END OIS J-50
    1616728190 O.I.S. K-36
    1616714693 SERVICE STAGE O.I.S.C146
    1616734592 ELEMENT COMPR.
    1616884190 OIS O-06
    1616754090 STAGE

    1. Using standard Atlas Copco profile (SAP), the rotor adopts 4/6 tooth combination, and the rotor diameter is equal. Compared with 5/6 tooth (Sigma) or 4/5 tooth (Cyclon) combination, the female rotor has higher rigidity , So it is not easy to deform, and the internal leakage loss is small.

    2. SAP profile: due to compression force, it contacts the rear edge of the tooth side. The gap of the rotor seal line is small. The outlet hole at the exhaust end is small (small leak triangle). Small internal leakage and loss. Higher internal pressure ratio (10bar). Improved efficiency, especially in 10 and 13 bar models, which have larger rotor diameters and low tip-speeds.

    3. Effective, reliable and long-life oil seals and gas seals after more than 40 years of continuous improvement and the test of time. It is composed of oil seal C with reverse thread and two stainless steel gas seal B. These oil seals and air seals maintain a small gap with the shaft but do not contact, and their sealing efficiency, reliability and life are far better than the general labyrinth seals or mechanical seals. A.C. There is a small leakage hole E between the oil seal and the gas seal, in case the seal is damaged, it can still provide compressed air.

    4. Gearbox: It can reduce more energy consumption and costs. The axial force generated by the gear offsets the axial force acting on the male rotor. Direct drive does not have this advantage.

    5.Keep the temperature lower.


    1. Adopt 4/6 rotor tooth profile.
    2. The gear box is specially designed to reduce the axial force. Using original imported SKF bearings to ensure service life.

    Product advantages: original imported bearings to ensure the operating life of the host

    Product parameters: profile line, using 4/6 teeth

    Process flow
    Rotor milling
    Disc cutter
    CBN grinding wheel
    CNC five-axis linkage rotor grinder


    1. Replace the special lubricating oil on time
    2. Regular main engine overhaul and maintenance to improve main engine efficiency
    3. Check whether the bearing coupling and other parts are in good condition before starting the new machine
    4. Pay attention to check the steering when starting up or changing cables

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